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AMRIT Jewelry


Hi Everyone,

I would like to share about a jewelry brand that I discovered last year and that I really love!

AMRIT Jewelry

I received a beautiful yellow gold diamond bangle ❤ from my husband for my first mother’s day (The outside part of the bangle is engraved with my son’s name):



You probably also noticed the elephant bracelet… Also from AMRIT Jewelry ❤ but was gifted to me on my birthday.



Darlings and dear readers,

I am in the process of making changes to my blog, therefore, you can continue reading and visiting on:

Thank you! 😉

Bags. Part 2


Hope you like the next night bags or “going out” bags…

Vintage. No brand.

No brand.


No brand.

Ethnic style. No brand.

Vintage. No brand.



Ethnic style. No brand.

Chinese style. No brand.


Vintage. No brand.


Bags, a long story…


I think the title is clear enough so let’s go for a ride in bag’s heaven!

First: Day bags…


Bottega Veneta style. No brand.

Aridza Bross.

Massimo Dutti.


Indian style. No brand.


Aridza Bross.


That’s it! Hope you enjoyed it!

Makeup! A serious matter…


This week I will be doing special sessions on different matters. So let’s talk about makeup! I want to share with you techniques and products that you may or may not know. Anyhow, makeup is a serious matter for women and it can be a lot of fun! I approximately take about 10 min to do my entire makeup when I really want to look good for example on each photo shoot…). Otherwise it takes me 5 min for a simple makeup. Ok let’s take a look at each step… 😉

Ok so before anything else, for an everyday but not work day makeup, I make sure that my SKIN is PERFECT… A clean and beautiful foundation is PRIMORDIAL. It is the base of any makeup. Depending on the day and occasion, I choose which type of foundation I will use…

This one is a mix between my day cream and a tinted gel. Very light, casual, good looking result! (especially when your skin is clean of pimples or redness or irritation…)

If I choose my “foundation” foundation, I will put day cream and a little light enhancer before…

Lancôme, Touche Liberté, refreshing portable foundation.

Here is my very favorite foundation: Diorskin Icône. Absolutely FABULOUS. My mom finally changed to this one too. I have tried I don’t know how many foundation, from so many brands… Nothing is like THIS ONE. It is meant to give a powder finish as little shiny as possible. The BEST. And the other detail about it is the color. I haven’t found another brand that has that exact color. It’s a yellow kind of orangy beige, very different from all these horrible pinkish tintes ones that give away to the whole world that you just put make-up on. Makeup isn’t meant to be seen ladies, it is there to enhance your very beauty in a sensible but very elegant way.

Dior, Diorskin Icône n°030 (soon available in the USA, Sephora), photo perfect cream-to-powder makeup.

When I put foundation I do not use any instrument… just my hands because I wanna feel the cream and I want to know well how my face is shaped in order to make the best of it.

Sisley, Phytocernes eye concealer with botanical extract n°3 (excellent product).

After I put the foundation, and if my skin needs it I put some concealer…

T.Leclerc, Corrector palette.

After I make sure of the state of my skin foundation wise, I always put some powder to “erase” or take away the shiny parts of my face. I absolutely hate and am disgusted with shiny foreheads, chin, cheeks… but that’s just me. Some women have very sensitive and dry skin and they can’t afford putting powder. My skin is the contrary 😦

Clinique, Invisible blend n°20.

No more shininess with my Clinique powder. Once again I took a lot of time to find the perfect powder. I love this one because its color is yellowish which looks great compared to those pinkish powders that make you look like a clown seriously…

It’s now time for a little color! blush blush blush!

Sephora, portable brush.

Agnès B., boule à joue color fruit de la passion and rose bonbon.

Apricot or pink choose your pick! Start from your ears towards you nose…

This product from Sisley, is fantastic. Trust me I tried a million different eye pencils to find the best texture, color and stay on the skin. This one is the winner! It also has a side to do smoky eyes…!

Sisley, Phyto-khol perfect eyeliner, color ebony.

Step 2 is the eyes. Man such an important thing! Your eyes is what people will look at the most on your face. So because I have “sad” shaped eyes, I like to make it better with a little pencil on the outside corner of my eyelids and under my eyes. Here is the difference between one eye made-up and none…

Now the two eyes made-up…

My eye kit…

Chanel and Guerlain treasure…

Purple shades…

Chanel, Quadra eye shadow n°08 Vanités.

And of course grey shades…

Guerlain, Ombres éclat 4 shades n°480 Perles d’Argent.

Brown, gold and khaki shades…

My favorite two brushes to do the whole eye makeup…

Here I am! with the eye make-up…

Do not forget the mascara…

Dior, Diorshow Blackout in Black. Lancôme, L’Extrême in Black.

So far I put one coat of lenghtening mascara (Lancôme has really good products) and a second and last coat of Volulmising mascara (the Diorshow blackout is the very best).

Now you can’t look like a hottie whithout lipstick or gloss! Here they come…

Pinkish red…

Dior, Dior Addict Ultra Gloss n°873 and 861.

Pinkish pink!

Helena Rubinstein, Ultra Gloss in Star Lilac n°11. Lancôme, Juicy Tubes in Strawberry n°17.

Pinkish orange..

L’Oréal, Glam Shine in Spicy Cristal n°34. Biotherm, Glossy Splash n°455.

Yellowish beige…

Bobbi Brown, Shimmering Tube Tints in Glow Shimmer. Lancôme, Juicy Tubes in Miss Rose n°56.

All these color are fantastic depending on the oufit. But I want to show you my 3 jewels…

Dior, Dior Addict Lipcolor n°633. STUNNING orange color with gold sparkles…

Yves Saint Laurent, Golden Gloss n°5. FABULOUS red orange tint shining with golden sparkles…

Giorgio Armani, Lipstick Mania n°5. For great pink beige lips!

And the final result… Hope you enjoyed it! bisous (xoxo in french) 🙂

A little promenade


Hello darlings!

Here I come again with my sailor shirt. It was the perfect thing to wear for a nice little walk, in a cute neighborhood, on a Sunday afternoon! I still wore I blazer which is more dressy but that’s just because I like to mix casual (like these ripped jeans from Abercrombie and Fitch) and chic. I am wearing a thicker belt here because the sweater is a little too long otherwise. I would have not put the belt if I had worn leggings for example. Let’s talk about the jeans now. Ripped, but not only… I folded the bottom in a way so that they rest right above my ankles. I believe this rule should be applied for any “boyfriend” type of jeans just because after studying the question, I came up with this distance as looking the best for pretty much anyone… lol. The other thing is that I rolled up my pants so that there is a 2 inches fold lenght : not too short neither too long. Finally, the other detail I love about this outfit is the mixing of patterns… and i’ll let you see for yourself. Hope you enjoy it!

Blazer : Zara

Sweater : Zara

Jeans : Abercrombie & Fitch

Scarf : Zara

Belt : Bel Air

Bag : Lancaster

Shoes : Zara

Earings : Vintage

Silver pendant : Etam

Face pendant : Vintage

Bracelet : Accessorize

My lovely trenchcoat!


A trenchcoat! Who doesn’t own a trenchcoat? It is a classical piece of clothing, a must-have all year long. When the cut is right, the fabric lean, and the color flattering, a trench can really make an outfit outstand with elegance. However be careful that it doesn’t go under your knees when you wear it… it will make you look shorter that what you are. I also make it a point to pick one that has cool buttons. They show a pattern, a structure, they are almost like a garnment so they need attention. Choose the buttons with a cool texture or color, and not oversized neither too small. I’ve owned a couple trenchecoats since I was 15 and I’ve always chosen them either grey or beige. Black is a good pick too, a safe choice. The reason I chose these 2 colors is that they easily match with a lot of colors. Not to forget that this coat is perfect to wear to work. So if you wanna get one of a neutral tint check that the beige or grey is flattering to your skin tone. Another option is a bright colored one, sometimes less easy to wear but so fun! I know some women love white trenchecoats or coats. A white trenchcoat is of another matter because it can stay clean for a limited period of time… You know what I mean. My mom owned one (the one designed by Madonna for H&M a couple years ago) and she kept taking it back to the cleaner, untill she decided to wear it for special occasions. The truth is that a trench is such a casual piece of clothing! You should be able to wear it easily everywhere! but that’s just my opinion. I like practical clothing…

Trench : Etam

Pants : Zara

Shirt : H&M

T-shirt : H&M

Belt : Vintage

Heels : Pedro Millares

Bag : Goyard

Earings : Little boutique in Paris

Necklace : Accessorize

My light grey cardigan


This is a cool sleeveless cardigan, the kind that will turn a chic piece into a casual outfit. Casual chic is definitely what I prefer… the high waisted pants (they are not leather by the way) plus the silk blouse give off an elegant attitude. And as you probably noticed, I am a big fan of navy blue matching with black and a lighter but still neutral tint like grey. The contrast falls also in the chic “department” always. Furthermore my legs look really and that is to thank the same color and kind of texture running from my legs to the point of my toes : black pants + black high heeled shoes! And please notice again the 4 color code is still applying here : black, navy blue, light grey and… a little blue scarf! I love this scarf. Finally, if you wanna look dignified you can bet on a big piece of jewelry and I would especially recommend a long pendant.

Cardigan : H&M

Pants : Zara

Blouse : Zara

Bag : Zara

Heels : H&M

Scarf : Little boutique in Paris

Pendant : Vintage

Necklace : Accessorize

Earings : Little boutique in Paris

Bracelet : Massimo Dutti

Night out! Rock’n’roll!!!


Ok I must admit I love neat black leather, with metal studds… But overall I rhink I’m in love with this perfecto jacket or motorcycle jacket as other people call it. I don’t know that I have to talk about this outfit much more. Just see for yourselves… 😉

Jacket : H&M

Pants : H&M

Sweater :  H&M

Bag : Zara

Shoes : Minelli

Dentelle mitaine gloves : H&M

Belt : Les Envahisseurs (little boutique in Paris)

Howl pendant : Hollister

Earings : Vintage

Another pink alternative…


Here I am with another alternative to a pink type outfit. I had, in my closet, this pinkish, violet long sleeve blouse that I adore. It’s silk therefore very soft, comfortable and it flows really well. It’s great under a blazer. I don’t know why, but since I come from Paris, every time the sun is out I feel like bright colors and fun patterns! It’s very very cold and rainy back home at this time of the years so I want to enjoy this wonderful californian weather! Anyhow, This bouse is fantastic also because the pattern is rich of suddlety with magenta, violet, purple and green mixed together. It is like a prairie of flowers putting me in a joyful mood right away. So this time, I matched the pink with navy blue (like you know I love this color, so dignified!) and it works nicely. To brighten up the whole thing and bring some contrast, a light grey scarf does the job. Long scarf are so classy, even more when they fall to your waist… Love it.

Blazer : Jones NY

Jeans : Miss 2&F

Blouse : Zara

Scarf : Zara

Bag : Zara

Heels : Zara

Pendant : H&M

Earings : Dyrberg Kern