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Kiss me baby!


I love this sleeveless linen blazer… You can wear it for work or just to inspire a more confident attitude. The truth is that blazers today are so versatile that you can wear them with pretty much anything you like (except for joggings… but once again jogging outfits should only be worn for sports… but who would wear them for anything else really???) So you know you can abuse them, wear them over and over, no matter the color you pick; the most important is the way it fits you. If the vest doesn’t suit your body you’d better forget it! because you soon will look like a weird cow. The good news is that you can find a nicely cut vest for an affordable price… if you look well. For this outfit I was inspired to mix it with open beige suede heels; same tint; nice interaction. And don’t forget, if you wanna look classy but you don’t know what to wear today, look no further: the black and beige or white mix will do the trick… Add a nice sporty bag with big buckles, in navy blue for example and you are set!!! kiss kiss

Vest : Zara

Under vest : H&M

Shirt : H&M

Jeans : H&M

Heels : Pedro Millares

Scarf : Etam

Bag : Lancaster

Golden heart : H&M

Earings : Andre Cristou Designer (Goldenwestudio Ojai, CA) shop at

Jewelry : little boutique in Paris

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