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Navy blue day


Hi everyone! For this session, I was again inspired by a blazer… lol Yes blazers are too cool. So this one is a Massimo Dutti (Italian brand owned by Inditex, or Zara if you prefer), it is tighter around the waist which shows the curve of the body. Just so nice! I also like the quality of the fabric used: it is inprinted by very thin grey lines if you pay attention on one of the pics. I know it wouldn’t strike you otherwise but I can affirm that the result is brighter, shinier, more attractive in fact that a regular, boring fabric. So! remember when I was telling you about the “black and white” effect… well here it is ! with navy blue but it still works real well. The shiny boots add another texture to the navy twist of this outfit. I absolutely love the scarf too: a zebra or whatever animal print that look slick is a great accessory to any outfit. But PLEASE do not mix different animal prints because you will soon look like a weird cow. lol sorry. Oh and the belt here is one of my very favorites. It is thin but not too much, and above all gives a rock’n’roll touch. But this outfit again wouldn’t be the same without the blazer!!…

Blazer : Massimo Dutti

Jeans : Bel Air

Sweater : H&M

Scarf : H&M

Bag : Lancaster

Belt : Les envahisseurs boutique (Paris)

Boots : Pastel

Jewelry : little boutique in Paris

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  1. nirvana permalink
    01/21/2010 1:56 AM

    Bon ah ce que je vois je suis l’une des premières à te taguer.
    Je te souhaite que du bonheur ac ce blog.
    Je viendrai le voir tt les jours (oui je suis une fashion blog addit), tu as fais ce que moi j’ai pas osé faire
    En tout cas je te souhaite que le meilleurs et tes premières tenues st ” smart and french” lol
    Bonne continuation

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