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Loving the wind…


On a windy day like this one, I felt like wearing a skirt. It doesn’t make much sense because it already had rained on top of being windy… but what do you want? I like to go with the flow. Thank God it isn’t cold here in northern California. What so ever, I was inspired by very nude and pastel colors. This beautiful lamb leather beige jacket was bought on sale (incredible my size was still available) and I LOVE it. This color always make your face look better even on a tiring morning. Here again I am playing with contrasted shades, “black and white” forever… I like it so I use it as much as possible. An interesting piece coming is this “snake skin” material looking  mini skirt; as you can see I was particularly attracted to the 3D fabric result aiming to be the skin of a snake. Ah the animal trend! Such a cool thing to play with in your outfit! Then the low boots, khaki color, were the perfect match to give a high fashion touch…

Jacket : Entracte

Skirt : Zara

Sweater : Gap

Scarf : H&M

Bag : Massimo Dutti

Low Boots : Little boutique in Paris

Golden leaves : H&M

Ring : Massimo Dutti

Earings : Forever 21

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  1. Laura permalink
    01/27/2010 7:11 PM

    This skirt is pretty nice. I would have thought that it could only be worn on a special occasion… but the way you put it together works and looks awesome! Zara looks like a cool store to shop at!

    • LivingTheVogue permalink
      01/27/2010 7:18 PM

      Thank you Laura for your support!
      Zara is a neat place to shop if you have one next to where you live. It’s a Spanish brand and it’s really big in Europe (I would go there about 3 times a week back in Paris). It is growing in the US and you can check the link on the Shop shop shop area on the left of my blog.

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