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A bit rainy… :(


Yes… I feel very comfortable in this outfit. You could think that the day is a Sunday and you are right. But why would a Sunday look like I ran all day in my joggings?? No no no, I want to be comfy with taste and harmony maybe because I’m french!! lol just kidding. So the key for the harmony is the matching shades of colors; greys and browns on one side; black and blues on the other. Remember: brown and navy blue ALWAYS  go together. You can add black and white to the mix and it works! The details I want to talk about here is: first the flowery scarf and pendant that give a fun and feminine touch; secondly the black leather mitaine gloves. Ah these gloves! I fell in love with them… Not only it gives an edgy rock’n’roll style but they also work great to keep your hands warm. I have very thin skin and my hands get so cold! even more on a rainy kinda windy day. Third detail: the low boots. Yes they are Minelly boots but I really arranged them entirely, partially by sowing the squared studds… Take a look!

Black wool cardigan : Little boutique in Paris

Grey sweater : H&M

Shirt : Bruce Field

Jeans : Zara

Scarf : H&M

Béret hat : H&M

Bag : Massimo Dutti

Mitaine gloves : JB Guanti

Flower pendant and ring : H&M

Low boots : Minelli arranged by myself

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  1. 01/23/2010 12:19 PM

    I love the opportunity rainy days present for super comfortable, layered outfits. And the gloves totally make it!

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