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Relax, it’s the weekend!


A weekend in Californnia, even in the middle of January, gives the possibility to wear a pair of jeans shorts. Yes it is not too cold but I still prefered to match it with a big and thick cardigan. I love everything about this outfit: the scarf, the bag, the shoes (still with heels), the shorts of course, and the dentelle mitaine gloves! Another pair of mitaine that I keep for cool occasions. The shorts are quite nice and I bought them partially because of the studds. Studds + black + dentelle = a touch of rock’n’roll. God knows how much I’ve always loved this trend. I like to put it suddlely in my outfits. A fun colored scarf also works pretty much everytime when wearing dull or classical shades. Enjoy!

Cardigan : Comptoir des Cotonniers

Shorts : Zara

Shirt : Zara

Scarf : Circus and Co

Mitaine gloves : H&M

Bag : Aridza Bross

Heels : Mango

Earings : Accessorize

Pendant : Vintage

Watch : Skagen

Jewelry : little boutique in Paris

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  1. Laura permalink
    01/27/2010 7:07 PM

    Wow! this bag is so gorgeous! the color is precious too. Looks like you can really fill it up with all you need. Beautiful scarf too, are these butterflies in the pattern?

    • LivingTheVogue permalink
      01/27/2010 7:21 PM

      The pattern isn’t very specific, you can see butterflies or flowers and that’s why I love it! The bag is of a cool brand called Aridza Bross but you can find other brands that is inspired by the same design.

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