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So chic for a chic work day


As you might have noticed, I adore navy blue. To me it is a very dignified color and I can’t wear enough of it (it’s been this way for years… lol). Lately, and probaly because I live in California now (however I guess it’s like this throughout the US) I have been shopping in Thrift Stores. It is a concept that isn’t really developped in France as much. Why? No idea! But when I find cool pieces like these Escada Couture Pants for 3 dollars at my size (pure beautiful silk) I just want to go back. The other thing is that it’s not an issue for me to look into every row of the store to find THE thing that I can’t miss. There are so many thrift store around where I live (but really pretty much everywhere in California as far as I know) that when I find one store I like, I am very faithfull to it. For example, there is one in Sacramento called This’n’that Thrift store, that always has good stuff. Okay! so let’s talk about the outfit here! This shirt you’ve seen before (Balmain style pattern) was a really  good match (not the only one) because the ropes finished just before the pants at the waist, therefore I could insert the shirt inside and show off the entire design. I could have easily thought of putting a Chanel style belt (golden chain with black leather intertwinded) with this outfit, but, my other rope belt from H&M could do the trick in a more suddle way. Both ways would have been classy though! I kept a focus on the shiny leather as a detail playing between the bag and the shoes. Aren’t the heels neat?! I love them. They are graphic and potent but the design keeps them from looking slutty and disgracious (probably because the focus was only put on one thing : the crossing of the stripes). I really don’t like when a design is too busy and tried to be too feminine. Femininity can be more simple and therefor a lot more classy. Hopefully you understand what I mean!!

Jacket : H&M

Pants : Escada Couture

Shirt : Mango

Belt : H&M

Bag : little boutique in Spain

Heels : Mango

Pendant and ring : Vintage

Jewelry : Little shop in Paris

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  1. Sarah P. permalink
    01/26/2010 10:28 AM

    Beautiful outfit! Love your combination of dark blue and black. What a lovely color for you, too.

  2. Laura permalink
    01/27/2010 7:03 PM

    This outfit is one of my favorites! Navy blue is indeed very chichi. Love the rope design. I’m a fan

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