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Dress turned into skirt…


Every woman sometimes wonders how they can use their work clothes in another context than work… Well why not? if the fabric is really lovely, comfy, if you love the color. Here the dress is of a kinda pinkish grey, the fabric is very soft, falls straight and doesn’t wrinkle. Cool dress, fancy look (the top is special and detailed but you can’t see it because I hid it purposely). So I wanted to wear it on a more relaxed note. The ballerinas (Chanel style please!) definitely inspire relaxation.  Let’s talk about the colors: grey hues (shirt) and a light jeans color (jacket) were my pick for this dress. When I wear grey like this I like to make the outfit pop with other details like a bag, indian style for this one, with broderies and pearls, the velour fabric is actually of a dark green but it is suddle enough so I could add this new color to the whole. Another detail is the bright peacock earings, and the matching big ring, in green hues to go with the green of the bag. Hope you like it!

Jacket : Pimkie

Shirt : Zara

Dress : Zara

Scarf : H&M

Bag : little boutique in Spain

Ballerinas : little boutique in Paris (rue de Sèvre)

Pendant : H&M

Earings : Vintage

Neckless : Vintage

Ring : Accessorize

Watch : Skagen

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