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Let’s rock it!


Black and feminine is rock’n’roll to me… The energy of an outfit comes from how YOU feel it and live it. I like it when I feel like I can rock in my clothes! So yes, a mini skirt, a light black blouse (kind of spanish looking by the way) and a pair of heeled boots (leather what else to feel rock’n’roll???) was my pick for today. With mini skirt like these, and because I am not very tall, I often come up with a perfecto style jacket.  It’s cool looking because of the motorcycle inspiration and because it is not symetrical. Also don’t black and jeans colors go well togetheer? It’s always a winner match. In order to make things work in this outfit I added a grey/beige scarf that go well with the boots. I also chose 2 accessories to pop up the whole: the bag and the belt have some great details. Be careful when you think of an overall outfit to choose no more than 4 different colors otherwise you will look like a christmas tree! Here I chose: black, beige, light jeans shades (blue like the earings and the belt), and dark green (close to the darkness of the black). Here it is!

Jacket : Zara

Blouse : Zara

Skirt : H&M

Belt : Vintage

Boots : Zara

Bag : little boutique in Spain

Neckless : Accessorize

Ring : Agatha

Jewelry : little boutique in Paris

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