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Another pink alternative…


Here I am with another alternative to a pink type outfit. I had, in my closet, this pinkish, violet long sleeve blouse that I adore. It’s silk therefore very soft, comfortable and it flows really well. It’s great under a blazer. I don’t know why, but since I come from Paris, every time the sun is out I feel like bright colors and fun patterns! It’s very very cold and rainy back home at this time of the years so I want to enjoy this wonderful californian weather! Anyhow, This bouse is fantastic also because the pattern is rich of suddlety with magenta, violet, purple and green mixed together. It is like a prairie of flowers putting me in a joyful mood right away. So this time, I matched the pink with navy blue (like you know I love this color, so dignified!) and it works nicely. To brighten up the whole thing and bring some contrast, a light grey scarf does the job. Long scarf are so classy, even more when they fall to your waist… Love it.

Blazer : Jones NY

Jeans : Miss 2&F

Blouse : Zara

Scarf : Zara

Bag : Zara

Heels : Zara

Pendant : H&M

Earings : Dyrberg Kern

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