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Pink and black… overdone??


Today’s question: are pink and black outfits overdone? I agree that this combinaison is particularly fit to teenagers. Who hasn’t done it when they were 15? Black and pink only, usually black pants, shoes, cardigan, black eye make up and a pink t-shirt (let’s not forget the inner mystery and drama of our mood). It’s so punk in it’s is own fashionable way. So for this session, I wanted to re-use these two colors and make it work so that I don’t look like a 15 year old. Therefore, I mixed a new color with it: beige/grey or taupe. Three main colors with a fourth: dark green from the peacock pendant. Having 4 colors maximum will bring balance to the equation. Even more when it involves colorful pieces. The belt comes as a matching detail to the pendant. The metal parts look like little wings but in a suddle way. Pink is such a cool color but not often easy to match! i’ll come up with other ideas for you later…

Cardigan : H&M

Pants : H&M

Shirt : Zara

Belt : Zara

Scarf : Maje

Bag : Little boutique in Spain

Heels : Mango

Pendant : Forever21

Bracelets : Accessorize

Earings : Andre Cristou Designer (Goldenwestudio Ojai, CA) shop at

Let’s rock it!


Black and feminine is rock’n’roll to me… The energy of an outfit comes from how YOU feel it and live it. I like it when I feel like I can rock in my clothes! So yes, a mini skirt, a light black blouse (kind of spanish looking by the way) and a pair of heeled boots (leather what else to feel rock’n’roll???) was my pick for today. With mini skirt like these, and because I am not very tall, I often come up with a perfecto style jacket.  It’s cool looking because of the motorcycle inspiration and because it is not symetrical. Also don’t black and jeans colors go well togetheer? It’s always a winner match. In order to make things work in this outfit I added a grey/beige scarf that go well with the boots. I also chose 2 accessories to pop up the whole: the bag and the belt have some great details. Be careful when you think of an overall outfit to choose no more than 4 different colors otherwise you will look like a christmas tree! Here I chose: black, beige, light jeans shades (blue like the earings and the belt), and dark green (close to the darkness of the black). Here it is!

Jacket : Zara

Blouse : Zara

Skirt : H&M

Belt : Vintage

Boots : Zara

Bag : little boutique in Spain

Neckless : Accessorize

Ring : Agatha

Jewelry : little boutique in Paris

Dress turned into skirt…


Every woman sometimes wonders how they can use their work clothes in another context than work… Well why not? if the fabric is really lovely, comfy, if you love the color. Here the dress is of a kinda pinkish grey, the fabric is very soft, falls straight and doesn’t wrinkle. Cool dress, fancy look (the top is special and detailed but you can’t see it because I hid it purposely). So I wanted to wear it on a more relaxed note. The ballerinas (Chanel style please!) definitely inspire relaxation.  Let’s talk about the colors: grey hues (shirt) and a light jeans color (jacket) were my pick for this dress. When I wear grey like this I like to make the outfit pop with other details like a bag, indian style for this one, with broderies and pearls, the velour fabric is actually of a dark green but it is suddle enough so I could add this new color to the whole. Another detail is the bright peacock earings, and the matching big ring, in green hues to go with the green of the bag. Hope you like it!

Jacket : Pimkie

Shirt : Zara

Dress : Zara

Scarf : H&M

Bag : little boutique in Spain

Ballerinas : little boutique in Paris (rue de Sèvre)

Pendant : H&M

Earings : Vintage

Neckless : Vintage

Ring : Accessorize

Watch : Skagen

So chic for a chic work day


As you might have noticed, I adore navy blue. To me it is a very dignified color and I can’t wear enough of it (it’s been this way for years… lol). Lately, and probaly because I live in California now (however I guess it’s like this throughout the US) I have been shopping in Thrift Stores. It is a concept that isn’t really developped in France as much. Why? No idea! But when I find cool pieces like these Escada Couture Pants for 3 dollars at my size (pure beautiful silk) I just want to go back. The other thing is that it’s not an issue for me to look into every row of the store to find THE thing that I can’t miss. There are so many thrift store around where I live (but really pretty much everywhere in California as far as I know) that when I find one store I like, I am very faithfull to it. For example, there is one in Sacramento called This’n’that Thrift store, that always has good stuff. Okay! so let’s talk about the outfit here! This shirt you’ve seen before (Balmain style pattern) was a really  good match (not the only one) because the ropes finished just before the pants at the waist, therefore I could insert the shirt inside and show off the entire design. I could have easily thought of putting a Chanel style belt (golden chain with black leather intertwinded) with this outfit, but, my other rope belt from H&M could do the trick in a more suddle way. Both ways would have been classy though! I kept a focus on the shiny leather as a detail playing between the bag and the shoes. Aren’t the heels neat?! I love them. They are graphic and potent but the design keeps them from looking slutty and disgracious (probably because the focus was only put on one thing : the crossing of the stripes). I really don’t like when a design is too busy and tried to be too feminine. Femininity can be more simple and therefor a lot more classy. Hopefully you understand what I mean!!

Jacket : H&M

Pants : Escada Couture

Shirt : Mango

Belt : H&M

Bag : little boutique in Spain

Heels : Mango

Pendant and ring : Vintage

Jewelry : Little shop in Paris

Relax, it’s the weekend!


A weekend in Californnia, even in the middle of January, gives the possibility to wear a pair of jeans shorts. Yes it is not too cold but I still prefered to match it with a big and thick cardigan. I love everything about this outfit: the scarf, the bag, the shoes (still with heels), the shorts of course, and the dentelle mitaine gloves! Another pair of mitaine that I keep for cool occasions. The shorts are quite nice and I bought them partially because of the studds. Studds + black + dentelle = a touch of rock’n’roll. God knows how much I’ve always loved this trend. I like to put it suddlely in my outfits. A fun colored scarf also works pretty much everytime when wearing dull or classical shades. Enjoy!

Cardigan : Comptoir des Cotonniers

Shorts : Zara

Shirt : Zara

Scarf : Circus and Co

Mitaine gloves : H&M

Bag : Aridza Bross

Heels : Mango

Earings : Accessorize

Pendant : Vintage

Watch : Skagen

Jewelry : little boutique in Paris

Do you like the Sailor trend???


It’s been rainy lately so I finally had to take out my sailor sweater! What a great pattern! I love it especially when the stripes are thin. Can you name two designers that really love the sailor stripes? Maybe Jean Paul Gaultier and… Coco Chanel yes miss! She did at her beginning of her carrier. She dared to wear those sweaters as a revolt to the actual trends and rules at the time. It has a masculine connotation because only sailors would wear these but you can easily make it look more feminine. Juts add heels, a belt at the waist, maybe a small scarf and a cute bag! Oh and I purposely played with the béret here. A béret will keep your head warm and protected as well as bring a cute and fun touch. I also wanted to talk about the wool coat I am wearing. I absolutely love this coat. The color is of a really light beige, easily matching a lot of outfits. The special aspect of it is the fringe. I know it reminds you of some indian look but in this case,  the rest of the coat is cut well enough, and it is simple enough to be tastefull and very classy. It is almost a mix with a poncho. I don’t know if you noticed but long drapped pieces of fabric give a mystical and elegant attitude. I am a big fan…

Coat : Zara

Sailor sweater : Zara

Velour blazer : H&M

Pants : Zara

Belt : little boutique in Paris

Scarf : vintage

Hat : H&M

Low boots : Zara

Bag : little boutique in Spain

Earings : H&M

Ring : Accessorize

Pendant : vintage

A bit rainy… :(


Yes… I feel very comfortable in this outfit. You could think that the day is a Sunday and you are right. But why would a Sunday look like I ran all day in my joggings?? No no no, I want to be comfy with taste and harmony maybe because I’m french!! lol just kidding. So the key for the harmony is the matching shades of colors; greys and browns on one side; black and blues on the other. Remember: brown and navy blue ALWAYS  go together. You can add black and white to the mix and it works! The details I want to talk about here is: first the flowery scarf and pendant that give a fun and feminine touch; secondly the black leather mitaine gloves. Ah these gloves! I fell in love with them… Not only it gives an edgy rock’n’roll style but they also work great to keep your hands warm. I have very thin skin and my hands get so cold! even more on a rainy kinda windy day. Third detail: the low boots. Yes they are Minelly boots but I really arranged them entirely, partially by sowing the squared studds… Take a look!

Black wool cardigan : Little boutique in Paris

Grey sweater : H&M

Shirt : Bruce Field

Jeans : Zara

Scarf : H&M

Béret hat : H&M

Bag : Massimo Dutti

Mitaine gloves : JB Guanti

Flower pendant and ring : H&M

Low boots : Minelli arranged by myself

Loving the wind…


On a windy day like this one, I felt like wearing a skirt. It doesn’t make much sense because it already had rained on top of being windy… but what do you want? I like to go with the flow. Thank God it isn’t cold here in northern California. What so ever, I was inspired by very nude and pastel colors. This beautiful lamb leather beige jacket was bought on sale (incredible my size was still available) and I LOVE it. This color always make your face look better even on a tiring morning. Here again I am playing with contrasted shades, “black and white” forever… I like it so I use it as much as possible. An interesting piece coming is this “snake skin” material looking  mini skirt; as you can see I was particularly attracted to the 3D fabric result aiming to be the skin of a snake. Ah the animal trend! Such a cool thing to play with in your outfit! Then the low boots, khaki color, were the perfect match to give a high fashion touch…

Jacket : Entracte

Skirt : Zara

Sweater : Gap

Scarf : H&M

Bag : Massimo Dutti

Low Boots : Little boutique in Paris

Golden leaves : H&M

Ring : Massimo Dutti

Earings : Forever 21

Navy blue day


Hi everyone! For this session, I was again inspired by a blazer… lol Yes blazers are too cool. So this one is a Massimo Dutti (Italian brand owned by Inditex, or Zara if you prefer), it is tighter around the waist which shows the curve of the body. Just so nice! I also like the quality of the fabric used: it is inprinted by very thin grey lines if you pay attention on one of the pics. I know it wouldn’t strike you otherwise but I can affirm that the result is brighter, shinier, more attractive in fact that a regular, boring fabric. So! remember when I was telling you about the “black and white” effect… well here it is ! with navy blue but it still works real well. The shiny boots add another texture to the navy twist of this outfit. I absolutely love the scarf too: a zebra or whatever animal print that look slick is a great accessory to any outfit. But PLEASE do not mix different animal prints because you will soon look like a weird cow. lol sorry. Oh and the belt here is one of my very favorites. It is thin but not too much, and above all gives a rock’n’roll touch. But this outfit again wouldn’t be the same without the blazer!!…

Blazer : Massimo Dutti

Jeans : Bel Air

Sweater : H&M

Scarf : H&M

Bag : Lancaster

Belt : Les envahisseurs boutique (Paris)

Boots : Pastel

Jewelry : little boutique in Paris

Kiss me baby!


I love this sleeveless linen blazer… You can wear it for work or just to inspire a more confident attitude. The truth is that blazers today are so versatile that you can wear them with pretty much anything you like (except for joggings… but once again jogging outfits should only be worn for sports… but who would wear them for anything else really???) So you know you can abuse them, wear them over and over, no matter the color you pick; the most important is the way it fits you. If the vest doesn’t suit your body you’d better forget it! because you soon will look like a weird cow. The good news is that you can find a nicely cut vest for an affordable price… if you look well. For this outfit I was inspired to mix it with open beige suede heels; same tint; nice interaction. And don’t forget, if you wanna look classy but you don’t know what to wear today, look no further: the black and beige or white mix will do the trick… Add a nice sporty bag with big buckles, in navy blue for example and you are set!!! kiss kiss

Vest : Zara

Under vest : H&M

Shirt : H&M

Jeans : H&M

Heels : Pedro Millares

Scarf : Etam

Bag : Lancaster

Golden heart : H&M

Earings : Andre Cristou Designer (Goldenwestudio Ojai, CA) shop at

Jewelry : little boutique in Paris