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My lovely trenchcoat!


A trenchcoat! Who doesn’t own a trenchcoat? It is a classical piece of clothing, a must-have all year long. When the cut is right, the fabric lean, and the color flattering, a trench can really make an outfit outstand with elegance. However be careful that it doesn’t go under your knees when you wear it… it will make you look shorter that what you are. I also make it a point to pick one that has cool buttons. They show a pattern, a structure, they are almost like a garnment so they need attention. Choose the buttons with a cool texture or color, and not oversized neither too small. I’ve owned a couple trenchecoats since I was 15 and I’ve always chosen them either grey or beige. Black is a good pick too, a safe choice. The reason I chose these 2 colors is that they easily match with a lot of colors. Not to forget that this coat is perfect to wear to work. So if you wanna get one of a neutral tint check that the beige or grey is flattering to your skin tone. Another option is a bright colored one, sometimes less easy to wear but so fun! I know some women love white trenchecoats or coats. A white trenchcoat is of another matter because it can stay clean for a limited period of time… You know what I mean. My mom owned one (the one designed by Madonna for H&M a couple years ago) and she kept taking it back to the cleaner, untill she decided to wear it for special occasions. The truth is that a trench is such a casual piece of clothing! You should be able to wear it easily everywhere! but that’s just my opinion. I like practical clothing…

Trench : Etam

Pants : Zara

Shirt : H&M

T-shirt : H&M

Belt : Vintage

Heels : Pedro Millares

Bag : Goyard

Earings : Little boutique in Paris

Necklace : Accessorize

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  1. 02/05/2010 3:49 AM

    The trench coat perhaps is the most versatile piece in the wardrobe, like the trousers, if has a good fit and cut. I like it very much in the neutral or vibrant colors and to be used anywhere. The perfect finish for any outfit.

    Leila Silva

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